​​​Getting married is an exciting and defining time.  However, depending on your circumstances it can be important to protect your pre-marriage assets in case something does go awry in the future.  

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup for short, is a legal agreement between a couple that is made before marriage to ensure that any assets acquired before, or sometimes during, the marriage are protected.  It can also help you make important decisions regarding asset division, future alimony payments, and more.

We would all love marriages to last forever and oftentimes, they do.  Prenuptial agreements aren’t a predictor of future unhappiness.  Rather, they allow for a peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are protected in case of a divorce, infidelity, or death.  If you have a solid prenuptial agreement in place, this can allow you to enter your marriage with the confidence that your interests are protected, and that you will not have to worry about these decisions if the worst should happen.  

Hundley & Harrison’s Salt Lake City attorneys can help you negotiate a prenuptial agreement that can include protections for real estate, investments, inheritances, jewelry, businesses, and more.

Whatever happens in the future, the attorney’s at Hundley & Harrison can help you with a peace of mind knowing that your money, property, and children’s inheritances are safe.  It can also be reassuring knowing that prenuptial agreements are not set in stone.  If you have a change of heart, you can also get a modification to the agreement.  

Our Salt Lake City lawyers can make sure that you are protected and ensure that your agreement is legally binding and covers everything you want it to.  

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